ARCC Company Development

Created a visual brand, developed a suite of software, and led marketing efforts for ARCC.


Visual Story Telling


Digital Photography, Web, Print


Photography, Marketing Assets, Web Presence

Project Overview

I founded and was acting COO of the Autonomous Race Car Community (ARCC), a nonprofit focused on providing resources to teach students about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) through hands on workshops and activities.


Web Development

I handled all web development for ARCC. This involved designing UI/UX mockups, developing various websites, and building a custom CMS in Angular.


I was in charge of all PR and networking for the team, securing various growth partnerships with various organizations around Sacramento. With my expertise, ARCC led three workshops with over 200 students, created various online resources that racked up tens of thousands of views, and impacted students lives around the world.

Visual Story Telling

I built the ARCC brand from the ground up, focusing on creating a brand image that was fun and accessible. As part of this visual story telling process, I developed various print aids such as brochures, flyers, awards, and postcards, as well as creating videos and photos that showcased our team and mission.



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