BioSeer Product Development

Built and branded a marine monitoring startup.




Web, Print


Marketing Assets, Software Development

Project Overview

BioSeer is a project to simplify marine monitoring for biologists. The project consists of three separate parts. First, an AI algorithm trained to recognize objects in the water, such as fish species, plants, sediment, pollution, analyzes and scores water health based on a series of images. The web interface makes it easy to monitor and view this data on a global scale and quickly see which marine environments are unhealthy. Finally, a “mobile buoy” collects information for analysis. BioSeer was a project developed for the Microsoft Azure Challenge, an innovation challenge hosted by Microsoft at the 2019 MATE Competition, where it won 2nd place against various colleges. For a full technical run down of the project, read our technical report.


Software Development

I developed our web application from scratch. Starting in Adobe XD, I mocked up pixel perfect designs before leading a team of software developers to implement the application in Angular.

Dashboard – Water Quality.png
Tech Report Pages.png

Visual Storytelling

I used my design and marketing skills to create the company prescence via brochures, business cards, and a comprehensive product technical report.

Frontside of Trifold
Backside of Trifold


With my effective communication style, our team won second place in the Microsoft Azure Innovation challenge.

BioSeer Team at Award Ceremony

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