Kalenda is where the best teams plan and have productive meetings.




Project Overview

Kalenda is where the best teams plan and have productive meetings. With an easy-to-use meeting scheduler, tools to build collaborative agendas, and one-click calendar integration, we make it easier than ever to do your best work remotely.


Initially, I started this project with Henry Chiu, a close friend of mine. After designing the majority of the screens myself in Figma, I first implemented the initial MVP in React and NextJS with Henry. We quickly saw it was a useful application, and decided to further develop the product. I developed out an initial feature backlog and product roadmap, then recruited a 12 person team to further develop the application and market it.

Leading the team in a Scrum environment, I talked to our users to develop a feature backlog that the team designed, developed, released, and marketed to our user base.

As one of the largest projects I've embarked on, we ran into countless hurdles (especially as the application scaled) and learned from mistakes we made throughout the design and development process.


With a user base of over 300 active users, Kalenda has helped over 100 meetings get scheduled faster and easier. I also gained crucial experience working with and leading large cross-discipline teams, with over 12 people working on Kalenda in some capacity at various points in the project. After much deliberation, I decided to stop further work on the progress to pursue other projects.

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