I'm Caelin Sutch, a Product Developer

Caelin is a passionate product developer, entrepreneur, and visual story teller focused on human-centric design and building beautiful products.

My Expertise

With a background in photography, videography, and graphic design, I focus on combining my multi-faceted skillset when building new things.

Software Development

I'm a full stack software engineer with a focus in web development. I'm also experienced with mobile development in Flutter, robotics development in ROS, and Agile product management

Visual Story Telling

My background in photography, videography, and graphic design have given me mediums to tell great stories about people, products, and visions by creating narratives that inspire.

Product Management

I practice Agile Scrum methodology when leading teams to create new things. I focus on concrete OKRs, human-centric product development, and fast iteration cycles.

UI/UX Design

I'm obsessed with creating human-centric products. With a strong aspect on User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design, I can build products that are both beautiful and intuitive.

Let’s Skyrocket Your Next Project Together

I'd love to work with you creating the next big thing.

About Me

Caelin is currently a student at UC Berkeley studying EECS (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) and Business Administration in the MET program.

Don't Take My Word for It

Some reviews of my work from people I've worked with.

"Caelin is a phenomenal friend and co-worker. He is driven, smart, and laser-focused on organizational success. Caelin combines knowledge about cutting edge technologies and an artistic vision to create visually stunning and inspirational websites. His social media savvy makes him a valuable asset for any small company or startup trying to make an impact in the world"

Michael Equi
UC Berkeley EECS

"Working with Caelin, it was clear to me that he knows what it means to be a leader. He genuinely wants everyone around him to succeed and does everything he can to make sure they do. It's rare to find a person of his age with such passion and skill for what he does. His work is sincere, and he truly does it for the fun of it. He is the type of leader you want and need in your team."

Mathew Thomas
Bytes Robotics

"Caelin is a hard working, determined individual who puts out top quality work. He has worked with me for 3 years now and his enthusiasm is infectious, spreading through the team till everyone is working as hard as him."

Alden Parker
COO @ Jesuit Robotics